About Us

New to XF-CC? Great! we love Tadpoles / Smurflings!

XF-CC is a cross-faction group of absolutely awesome agents who have dedicated their Ingress avatar to fair, friendly, and honorable gaming. Starting in Portland, Oregon USA in 2015, we have grown to an pool of goodwill and knowledge of over 1300 members worldwide with chapters in USA/Canada, Germany, Mexico, China, Netherlands, India, France, and Australia

We operate loosely with a counterpart approach, encouraging all members to name a dediated agent from the other faction that they can work with, in trust, on cross faction goodwill issues. There are many benefits to doing this. we highly recommend it.

WHERE DOES YOUR MONEY GO? XF-CC has a non-profit model. All proceeds are applied towards spreading the XFAC love! Things like anomaly representation which includes new trading cards to hand out, murals to sign, photo booths and props, freebies and goodies, and more.

So thanks for visiting us and lending your support! we hope to see you at anomalies in the future, but if you see us first PLEASE come introduce yourself!




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